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The Most Convenient Tire Shop in Terrace

At Kalum Tire, we have built our reputation on going above and beyond with our tires services. We are so dedicated to providing great tire services that we are the only tire shop in Terrace that does drop-in tire services. That’s right; you don’t need to make an appointment to get your tires serviced. Just drop by and we will get them done on the same day if possible. We will provide our tire services to all makes and models of vehicles and we can provide a plethora of services, including:

  • Tire and wheels sales

  • Tire installation

  • Tire repair

  • Tire patching

  • Tire inflation

  • Tire rotation

  • Wheel alignment

  • Tire disposal

Tire Drop-Off Site
Kalum Tire Service Ltd is a designated tire drop-off and disposal site. Dismount your old tires from your vehicle and bring them in to our shop for proper disposal and recycling.

Give us a call today or drop by our shop and get a free estimate on our services.

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